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The world is on the mend after the bloody end to the War of the Realms, a global battle that set kingdom upon kingdom, brother upon brother. The catalyst was the prophecy of the End of Days, the time when the gods would be released upon the world, destroying all that did not worship them. The passing comet Darabond was said to be the chariot upon which the gods would arrive. Panic and zealots stirred the 14 kingdoms and 6 major religions into a frenzy, which led to fights as each believer began to assert that their beliefs forcibly upon others in an attempt to prove to the coming gods of their loyalty. This led to skirmishes which led to battles which led to the war that claimed the lives of more than three-fifths of the population of the world. Even denizens below ground were caught up in the frenzy, their wars, while not as damaging to their numbers, was just as violent, carving massive sinkholes throughout the land through various explosions of underdark magicks.

It was the Gorlanth kingdom that ended its hostilities first as Daramond passed with no sign of the gods. It suffered the greatest losses, its royal family eliminated save for the infant son and the elder niece of the King. The Lathian Laboratory and Research Facility, the premiere location in the realms for the storage of texts and tomes, knowledge and theories, lay in ruin. The effort to reclaim any items that may have survived the facility's destruction was joined by the Grindstone dwarves, hearty dwarves from the southern lands that did not join in the wars with the other kingdoms, as it was involved in internal fighting that split the clan into three factions, the Grinders, the Grinstones, and the Stones.

The remaining 4 kingdoms retreated after the cessation of hostilities to rebuild. Years after the end of the war, the Six, as they were called, came together at the site of the first battle of the war to build a monument to remind them of their foolishness and intolerance. This monument became enveloped by a series of buildings, which eventually became one large facility, the Hex. The facility served as a show of the power of the united efforts of the kingdoms, a place for treaties, and talks, and peace. A council was elected, 3 members from each kingdom. This council enacted laws and settled disputes in a peaceful manner. As the power and influence of the council grew, so inversely did the militaries of the Six decrease. Soldiers became farmers and artisans, scoundrels and adventurers. The world knew true peace for many years. But then scholars and astronomers saw that Darabond was returning. By all calculations, the comet should have passed and not returned for several thousand years. Not only was it returning, it now emitted a green hue that it did not possess on its first pass. Old fears of the past began to take root in the people once again. Religious zealots began to pop up, spouting words of fear about the End of Days.

Twenty and one years of peace is threatened with the return of the comet Darabon. Tensions are rising as the Hex Council tries to contain the 6 religions and fears caused by the scholars and the astronomers of the New Lathian Facility, still not yet complete. You have been hired by the Council to investigate signs of the coming of the gods as well as deal with areas of unrest. Are the gods truly coming this time around? Can the world avoid another costly war?

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