6 Major Religions

The Fallen

The Fallen is said to be a god that was set upon by the others. The Fallen was cast out of the celestial glory and became bitter at the betrayal. The Fallen returned at some time period later, strengthen through the accumulation of bitterness and a desire for revenge.

Followers of the Fallen make oaths to avenge wrong-doings, are cast out by society, or see themselves as loners. They do not value accumulated wealth, only to tap into inner pain and use it.They are loyal and reliable, as they do not wish to inflict on others what they felt has been done to them

The Wretched

The Wretched is pictured as a twisted old woman, body covered with cancers and tumors, but with a kindness in her eyes. The Wretched takes on the physical pain of other in order to heal them. While many nurses and healers claim to follow the Wretched, the truest followers are the Sin-eaters, twisted beings that have shunned all society save to feed on the cancers and illnesses of those that seek them out. Sin-eaters are considered to be deathless.

The Goddess

The word 'goddess' conjures images of a fair maiden, bathed in radiant light, a beauty unlike any other, a peaceful and serene expression on her face. The Goddess is not that. She is a warrior goddess, smiting enemies without mercy, clothed in the skins of her foes. Followers of the Goddess made terrifying opponents, their ritual of chewing a plant called Goddess Lotus before battle causing them to foam at the mouth and rise the levels of adrenaline to near dangerous. In this time of peace, followers of the Goddess are few and far in between, save for the scattered tribes that are remnants of the defunct kingdoms.

Lerus the True

Those that follow the True strive for knowledge and accuracy in this knowledge. The true believers are severely vetted before they were allowed into the Lathian Facility. The Vetted True, as they are called, are beyond corruption, and copied text with an exactness and accuracy that would not be questioned. If the Vetted True spoke, their words were heeded. They lacked humor or personal thoughts, they only gave themselves to the written words. The Vetted True are said to know every word of every text in the Lathian Facility and are hard at work repairing recovering writings or replacing them altogether. The Vetted True are granted an extended lifespan, but it is dedicated to the written word. As such, their metabolism has slowed so greatly that they moved slowly, save for their quick eyes and writing hands, and need eat but a handful of times a year. All followers of the True are ambidextrous.

Orgod the Giver and Taker of All Things Under the Stars

Orgod the Giver and Taker of All Things Under the Stars is believed to be the first god, the giver of life to the other gods and all mortals. Never referred to as simply "Orgod", the name of Orgod the Giver and Taker of All Things Under the Stars is spoken in full in reverence/fear for her position. To call her by less than her full title is said to call the wrath of her firstborn upon the individual and their family for seven generations prior and seven generations to come. In these times, there are very few followers of Orgod the Giver and Taker of All Things Under the Stars, many due to people not wanting to say her name over and over. Those that do follow her are usually sages that live in distance lands, healers of spectacular power, or prophets. Prophets are despised, but tolerated and treated respectfully, at least to their faces.

Noctis TrueBorn

Noctis is said to be the first born of Orgod the Giver and Taker of All Things Under the Stars. The pain was so immense that Orgod the Giver and Taker of All Things Under the Stars chose to simply create the other gods rather than give birth again. Opponents to the belief in Noctis ask how a god could give birth when there is only one, a conversation that usually ended in broken noses, missing teeth, and jail time. Noctis is the action of Orgod the Giver and Taker of All Things Under the Stars. Noctis' followers vary and are the most numerous. The idea of following one birthed from a god is appealing, while many do not truly know what he stands for.

The Serpent, The Round, The Glory, The Darkness

The Serpent, The Round, The Glory, and The Darkness are not considered gods, but are powerful forces worshiped by others that may or may not believe in the 6 gods. The Serpent is said to be a great legless dragon that chases its' own tail. The creatures that walk, swim, dig, or crawl upon the ground are said to be its' creations. Followers of The Serpent believe that all animal life is sacred and eat only plants and roots. The Round is pictured as the face of a sundial and represents infinite time. Followers of The Round have brought a new magic, teleportation, and are among the most coveted practitioners of the various magicks. Those that wish to embark on the journey to become one of The Round face a very difficult and dangerous path. Only 1 in 50 ever survive, and only 1 in 13 of those are sane enough to practice. The Glory is simply pictured as light shining brightly through the clouds. Magic, nature, light, warmth, these are all attributed to The Glory. Few truly follow The Glory, but all give homage in some way or another. Diametrical to The Glory, is The Darkness. Dark magic, death, darkness, and cold are its' attributes. The Darkness is not seen as evil, merely the opposite of The Glory. Quite often, both are pictured together, one following the other, in a ying-yang manner.

The six major religions are organized under Orgod the Giver and Taker of all Things Under the Stars, Noctis, the Fallen, the Wretched, the Goddess, and The Four (The Serpent, The Round, The Glory, and The Darkness). While each religion is neither good nor evil, they do have sects that may lean one way or the other. There is no church of Lerus the True. Only the Vetted True are considered true followers and see no need for formation of a religious movement. Only the written word matters. There is no room for superstitions. Those that choose to follow the True have tried to form a formal religion many times over the ages only to fail each time as the Vetted True have never given their requests any backing.

6 Major Religions

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