The Six

The Six is the collective name of the remaining kingdoms after the war. These are comprised of some members of the other fallen kingdoms. There are perks to being from an area as well as possible consequences. The kingdoms are:

Gorlanth – Mixed population, was considered the leader of all kingdoms, headed by King Geoffrey and his wife/aunt Lei. Their union was controversial but was done in the best interest of the court. They have 3 children, twin boys Haman and Older, after King Geoffrey's father and hunting companion, and a daughter, Juliese, the first born, and whose 5th birthday coincides with the next passing of Darabond. Located near Gorlanth Mount, where a massive deposit of gold was found, the kingdom then built around it. It is the only kingdom that is completely landlocked. Water is piped up from underground. Gorlanth offers adventurers access to the New Lanthian Facility scribes.

Grindstone – The dwarves to the south, makers of the finest stone products in the land. The Grindstones are combination of a previously fractured clan of dwarves, the Grinders, the Stones, and the Grinstones. The Grinders were led by Holath Hundgerd, the leader of the dwarven pack cavalry, a group that raised direwolves to fight alongside the dwarves. Only 37 of the Grins survived, Holath, though badly wounded, being one. 49 of the 500 direwolves also lived. The Stones were led by the Builder's Guild, which did not engage directly in battle but crafted many traps and golems that killed a number of dwarves from the Grinders and Grinstones. They surrendered to the Grinstones after their food and water supplies were cut off, leading many to starve. The Grinstone leader was a young dwarf named Tylath, who, unlike many dwarves, had studied at the Lathian facility. Tylath was more level-headed than most dwarves and despised the fighting from the beginning. He had lost his entire family and most of his clan to superstition, and vowed to do all he could to educate his surviving and healing clan and prevent such a thing in the future. Grindstone dwarves are claimed to be fingers of the gods themselves based merely on their skill in working rocks and stones. The finish is smoother than fine silk, their stone weapons stronger than steel. Many Grindstones go about with no shoes on their feet, in order to be closer to the earth. The Grindstone calvary is said to be the fiercest calvary in the land, their direwolf numbers having grown over time. Unlike the dwarves of the north and the islands to the east, the Grindstone live above and below ground. Grindstone offers adventurers with access to direwolf mounts or Grindstone weapons/tools.

Jeu'Suian Mano – Jeu'Suian Mano is the major kingdom of the Elves. They are the true aristocrats. Their major export is art and fashion. The Jeu'Suian Mano, or Jesmans as they are called by outsiders that have difficulty pronouncing their name, are considered quite haughty and can be difficult to deal with. That is, until valuables or fashion is involved, and then they are quite attentive and shrewd. Some well-to-do humans and even dwarves are a part of the kingdom. All are quite wealthy. There are no poor sections in the city. In fact, aside from diplomatic envoys, all visitors must pay a 500 gold entrance fee and be dressed appropriately. Provides adventurers with 2x starting gold but -2 diplomacy with other kingdoms.

Burlgulheim – Burgulheim was once a great Dwarven clan that split into three clans years before the War of the Realms, the Burlgulheim Gemcutters, Clan Crowsbeard, and the Firebrands. Clan Crowsbeard traveled north and lived among the barbarian tribes. The harsh cold was far more formidable than Ahlias Crowbeard had imagined it would be. Half of the clan perished in the first year. Rather than admit he was wrong, Ahlias saw the cold as culling the weak of the clan, even though his children were part of the dead. The Crowsbeards grew more feral, raids and hunting supplying their needs more than crafting and building. The Crowsbeards were never heard from again after the Great Freeze, 70 years before the war. Many of the northern tribes were decimated during this freeze. The Firebrands moved to an island to the east and mainly kept to themselves. Less than a year after opening their doors to outsiders for trade after the island's minerals dried up, the war began. The Firebrands were masters of imbuing fire magic into items, especially weapons. This skill also made them a target as other kingdoms sought to destroy them and take their weapons. The Firebrands killed more than any other 2 combined kingdoms as well as suffered the fewest losses, 12, 1 of which was from old age and another a dwarf that had fallen from the wall while on guard duty. It was his first day. Firebrands provide adventurers with +4 fire resistance and can start small fires at will, such as lighting torches, campfires, etc. Burlgulheim adventurers are taught to know the value of gems and precious stones and can receive a higher price for them.

Freeport – Freeport is the largest of the kingdoms. It has the largest fleet in the world as well as the largest shipping consortium, Neves Fartraders. The capital city, Freeport, is a dirty and rugged place, filled with people that are as apt to slit one's throat as to shake one's hand. The Freeport guard is little more than organized thugs that carry solid oak clubs in case one were to get out of order or it were a Tuesday. Despite the chaos, all Freeportians love their kingdom and freedom, often putting aside differences to band together against outsiders. Organized crime is rumored to be rampant in Freeport, but leaders either don't care or are a part of it, depending on who one talks to. Murder and rape are strictly forbidden in Freeport. Everything else is debatable. Pirates openly operate on the docks in Freeport and other coastal cities in the kingdom. Freeportians start with a +2 street wise. Freeportians are generally mistrusted in Jeu'Suian Mano and must pay extra to enter as well as be escorted by guards at all time.

Loyosian Tresdomme – Also known as Little Jesmans, Loyosian Tresdomme is a very clean and environmental kingdom. People are courteous and helpful. The druids lead them, the wardens protect them. Only they were not foolish enough to go against the Firebrands. Many of their numbers were lost to disease rather than battle, as before the war they had only limited contact with outsiders and were susceptible to the illnesses they carried. The Loyosian Tresdommes houses are usually built into mounds of dirt, or are discarded giant snail shells, hollowed trees, or other natural items. Their magic draws from nature itself and is returned into the ground upon their deaths. Natural death is never mourned or celebrated, it is simply seen as a part of life. However, deaths caused by acts of war are greatly mourned, with very long ceremonies of purification performed to cleanse the person of the contamination of the unnatural passing and to ease the soul of the departed into the next life. Loyosian Tresdommes is still performing the ceremonies for those that were killed in the war, though they are down to the last few people. Adventurers would gain a -2 vs disease but gain an extra save attempt vs it. They are rarely lost and can always determine which way is north.



The Six

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